Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

Help everyone come to know God, by sharing the love of His Son Jesus Christ. Provide every member opportunity to grow in their faith by working in their spiritual gifts. And to go into all the world and carry out the GREAT Commission of our Lord.

how we serve

Our pastors, deacons, Brotherhood, WMU, and members of the congregation actively seek out ways we can serve our community. We serve at local ministries such as h.o.p.e. Ministries, Samaritan's Kitchen, and the Wilkes Pregnancy Care Center and partner with many of the ministries for our monthly missions. 
Toy Store & Food Pantry
Fundraisers & Diaper/Wipe Collections

some of the local mission We serve...

Hope Ministries (Toy Store)
His Light Ministries (soup kitchen)
Wilkes Pregnancy CARE Center
Samaritan's Kitchen of Wilkes

His Light Ministry (Feed and Minister)
Mission Bake Sale Fundraiser

Some of the regional missions we have served....

Kid's Konnection DC

 Greensboro, New York, Washington DC, West Virginia

Fishing Creek Arbor has participated in many regional missions including:
  • Feeding and ministering to those in WV through a local church
  • Feeding the Homeless in New York, Washington DC, through various ministries in those cities
  • Working Camps for Kids in Washington DC, West Virginia, and Greensboro, NC through local churches/organizations in those cities
  • Working during disaster recovery efforts in WV; both Wind and Flood recoveries
  • Partnering with Cross Culture Ministries for camps, disaster recovery, and other missions
West Virginia Collide Praying with campers
West Virginia Collide Mission Camp
West Virginia roof repair (Collide/Habitat)
New York cooking at the Bowery
West Virginia Tree removal (Collide)