Fishing Creek Arbor History

Sunday School Class from 1956

How it all started...

On December 2, 1851 a group of men from Fishing Creek Baptist Church congregated to form a new church.  In its humble beginning, the people of the newly formed church met in homes of the congregation for their church services.  They later met in a brush arbor, thus the name Fishing Creek Arbor Baptist Church.  On June 4, 1857 our church received the original Church Constitution from Fishing Creek Church. 
Pastor Wellborn & Pastor Bracken

What Has Happened thus far...

According to our church minutes, Fishing Creek Arbor has
  • Called twenty-seven pastors
  • Ordained four ministers
  • Ordained 39 deacons
Issued a Certificate of License into the ministry for 3 ministers
Only three pastors have served Fishing Creek Arbor since 1936:  
  • Rev. P.C. Parks served for 33 years until his death.  
  • Rev. J.A. Bracken served 27 years
  • Rev. G. David Wellborn has served our congregation since October 6, 1996
Congregation from Oct 1967

The Vision...

Bring people to know the love of GOD in CHRIST JESUS through salvation
Grow people in love through discipleship
Show love through spiritual gifts for the edifying of the church
Sow love through evangelism
Rev PC Parks
Rev J.A. Bracken and his family
Fishing Creek Arbor Congregation from 2003
Old Baptismal (Cement Pond)