Age Group: Birth - 2yrs

Children are a Special Gift from GOD

Psalm: 127

The nursery at Fishing Creek Arbor is a warm and inviting space that serves our smallest children from birth to age two.  This extension of home provides little ones with a safe place to be cared for and nurtured while parents are able to go and worship the Lord.  Both parents and church volunteers play an essential role in making God's love real to these little ones.  Our volunteers are on a weekly rotation schedule with helpers to aid in patiently teaching these young children about GOD in age appropriate ways.  The nursery program provides Bible stories, Colorful Crafts, Worship Music, Play Time, and Prayer.  We value each child as unique and special: "wonderfully made by GOD" and look forward to meeting your child and growing together. 
We always have something new going on! Click below to view the children events calendar.